Overcoming Gravity

A woman had come to me for a shoulder injury of a unknown origin. She gets regular chiropractic care, for years now, every 2 weeks.

At present she is receiving her adjustments 1-2 times per week.

It has taken some time to reverse, more than she had anticipated. Of course she wanted to know why.

The woman is healthy and looks great, physically and mentally she is perfect as well. However, at her age gravity wants to take its toll. As a result of the gravitational force her head wanted to move off her shoulders. Her trapezius muscle (The large winged muscle curving the mid back to the shoulders) then next went into spasm to hold her upright. She plays golf a lot too, head down, eye on the ball, salt in the wound.

Tension in the muscle stressed her shoulders and because it attaches to the neck, it compressed the nerves that go down her spine.

There was pain in the shoulder and numbness in her arm and hand.

“This is a symptom, a signal to you”, I told her. “Your intelligent body is telling you something is going wrong”.

Anterior head carriage is inevitable as we age. It is said that 97% of your mind’s activity is used to overcome gravity. Chiropractic, a positive frame of mind, and regular exercise will offset this dilemma. The good news is her internal intelligence gave the signal. I saw the picture; we increased her care and offered remedies to assist in the healing process.


We are reversing her aging process. Her head is coming back up onto her shoulders, that sparkle is back in her eyes. Each adjustment raises the unconsciousness enhances the healing capacity and allows the cells and tissues to return to a higher vibrational rate. A rate that expresses 100% life from above, down, and inside out.

The later part of her life that she will play will be exceptional.

Thanks Chiropractic. Thank you to the healer within.

Take a moment and tip your head sideways. Feel the shift in your muscles. Feel some tension that’s your body adjusting to gravity. Now lean your body sideways to the same side your neck is tilted. Get a sense of the muscles that tighten to hold you up against gravity.  Imagine if you stayed in that position for a time. Its one of the reasons you get regular Chiropractic care.

Everyone knows about structural stress, heavy lifting, poor posture, texting in a slouched position, etc.

Muscles need to tighten to help you walk or if slouch then tighten so you don’t fall. Gravity will have its way with you if you are not aware.

These three stressors in an everyday occurrence your miraculous intelligent, spiritual body mind and heart can help you sing in spite of yourself. I see people who shouldn’t be alive let the body still take a lickin and keep on tickin.

The end result, always is a subluxation, loss of nerve flow, depleting life giving healing organizational mental impulses.

Your starting point towards health optimal harmony and an internal balanced state is a pure and powerful chiropractic adjustment.

The adjustment initiates a healing process, each one moves you towards a complete recovery.

Then wellness adjustments help you in turn so you can handle everyday stressors more effectively.

Add some high vibrational herbal and homeopathic remedies, some clean, pure fresh foods, a little exercise and a whole lot of love and you have the recipe for living xxxxxx your best.

P.S.   Don’t forget to keep your mind in the Divine.

Dr. R.J. Folkard

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