Right Choices

I was speaking to a woman this morning who commented on her weight, stating that her whole family was overweight as well.  Her father had passed away from a heart condition and most of the rest were insulin resistant, diabetic, and taking pills.  Experience tells me diet and lifestyle had something to do with their demise.

She also commented on her diet.  Her mother, it seems, conditioned her with eating unhealthy foods that she thought contributed to the cause of her condition.  She chose to not eat in the mornings as a starting point.  I did mention to her it is the choices we make that determine our outcome when it comes to health, well-being and our weight.

My siblings are overweight.  I am not, I told her.  The difference is the choices I make in my life.  I feel these choices made on quality information are more important that genetics.  We are empowered I said.

For example, eating processed, refined, sugar laden foods can cause a rapid rise in blood sugar.  These foods are also empty calories.  That means they are devoid of nutrients needed to maintain an optimal level of health and well-being.  These so called foods render the hormone leptin inactive.  Leptin is the hormone that signals the brain to say we have enough nutrients to run the systems of the body.  Without the leptin signal the brain continues to feel starved (empty calorie diet), so you continue to feel the urge to keep eating your way to oblivion.

All the latest research continues to tell us that eating fresh wholesome fruits, veggies, lean grass fed meats, deep ocean fish, pure essential fatty acids like flax seed oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, seeds (hemp hearts) and nuts (not peanuts), is the healthy way to go.  These foods are filled with the vitamins and minerals needed for daily internal bodily processes.

Pure and nutritious foods enhance the activity of your hormone leptin, which signal the brain so you feel more satisfied on smaller amounts of wholesome foods.  Your cells will respond favorably to blood sugar levels that have normalized with your new healthy strategies.  You can be your best!

Diet, exercise, and regular chiropractic care goes a long way to improve health and return the body back to its ideal weight.  Regular chiropractic adjustments increase your conscious awareness and allow you to make better choices.  Thyroid metabolism is enhanced.  Your pancreas is strengthened.  Digestion is improved so there is more selective control over the foods that pass through the intestinal wall.  Herbal and homeopathic remedies can support the organs that control metabolism and blood sugar.  That’s the power of each chiropractic adjustment, your lifestyle choices and the natural therapies we offer you.

If you have the will we have the way!!

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