Persistence and a Leap of Faith

A woman came to me for her regular adjustment. She was excited to tell me that she had made positive changes to her diet and had lost over 22lbs in a very short while.  She said she felt so much better.

There was clarity of mind, more energy, decreased joint pain, and more! She went to her medical doctor. He took her off her pain meds, cholesterol meds, blood pressure and diabetes meds!

When she came to me 20 years ago, her health was severely compromised. She was in pain; her back, her neck, her knees, and her fingers were swollen and painful. She was overweight and her organs were in distress. She could no longer paint or play the piano, walking was out of the question too.

Well…..she plays the piano and paints pictures again!

Over the years I convinced her to participate in some internal cleansing programs; she also took some homeopathic remedies that I prescribed.

Then with regular chiropractic care and the other services we offered she was a little healthier and more expressive in her life.

As reluctant as she was there were still minor improvements – that’s the wisdom and self-healing power of the body.

When she told me the good news of her new found good health I said to her “I have been asking you for YEARS and you wouldn’t! Why not?”

Her answer was “I didn’t believe you Dr. Bob, I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference in my life. Now I know different.  Now I will continue to eat well, exercise, get my regular adjustments, and take the remedies you prescribe. I am so excited to feel this good, and I want to feel even better.  I never want to feel or look like I did ever again!”

My heart jumped for joy!! So all my preaching, all my pushing, my persistence has prayed off. I am encouraged even more now to help all of you to get really healthy, to look and feel really well, and live the life you deserve.

See you soon for your next Awesome, life giving, adjustment and………..some sound advice to get you on your way to 100 % expression of life.

Dr.R.J. Folkard

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