The Gift of Life

Baby Jesus was representative of the potential within each of us that is released with a chiropractic adjustment.

The light that shone around is the expression of life that flows from above, down, inside and out when you get regular chiropractic care.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer wouldn’t have had a sinus problem if he went to his chiropractor for an immune enhancing adjustment and for some homeopathic remedies.

When good king Wenceslas looked on out he saw a man who was able to bend over and gather winter fuel because his acute low back pain was resolved after his pure and powerful adjustment.

Not a creature was stirring all through the night because their brains were in an alpha healing state sending warm loving harmonious energy to every cell and tissue.  They all received regular chiropractic care and embraced a healthy lifestyle.

The first noel was conceived because the song writer’s brain was raised to its highest conscious state after an adjustment.

One is able to dash through the snow when one embraces a good health paradigm, proper rest, regular exercise, quality mental stimulation, loving relationships and regular chiropractic care.

Oh what fun it is when you get adjusted!

You will dream more of a white bright Christmas when you are your best with each and every adjustment.

Birds will be singing, you will sing better when your power is turned on.

Donner and Blitzen, all Santa’s reindeer can fly.  Now you know why.  They all get adjusted!

May you embrace a healthy lifestyle, and receive regular chiropractic care so your light may shine, that you may express more life and be a blessing for all and to all a good night.

Merry Christmas from Dr. Bob and the wellness team!

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