Just Believe

Just Believe

I saw a show the other day that put a huge inspirational smile on my face.  A man who had severe Parkinson’s disease was to enter a trial therapy.

Parkinson’s causes the muscles in the body to seize due to a lack of dopamine.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter substance that sends a signal from nerve to nerve to tell the muscles they can relax.

This man couldn’t walk and his face and jaw would lock up; A horrible way to live.  Anyhow he was given the placebo pill within his controlled group.

And he got better.  Then they told him he was on a placebo pill.  He didn’t care.  It was working!

Then they put him in a cat scan.  The area of the brain that makes dopamine was inactive.

They gave him his placebo pill and watched.  To their amazement the dopamine center lit up and sent this neurotransmitter to all the brain centers.  A placebo pill!  So he kept taking his placebo pill and is well today.

That’s the power of the mind.  He believed the pill would get him well and it did.  It is said that the wisdom of the body; the healer within us has everything it needs to make any chemical.  God’s natural pharmacy they call it.

Another study was done on arthritic knees.  40 had surgery, debridement and washing.  40 had washing only.   40 had the two little incisions and watched on TV what they thought was surgery on the knee.  After; all groups reported success.  The group that had only the incision and believed they had the surgical procedure done had fared much better.

Years later the arthritis had reversed itself.  The group that had the complete surgery got worse and ended up with a knee replacement.  Again the power of the mind worked.

I remember a mentor of mine saying “Whatever the mind can conceive you can achieve.”

I know this to be true.  The ones that believe they can and will get better are the ones that return to absolute, perfect health and well-being.  With a little help of course, from you know who.

I read an article by a neurologist who searched the world over for people who had spontaneous remission of life threatening illness.  There was a little over 20 people who got out of bed and lived!  When he questioned them they all said “they believed they had something greater to do then just die.” Their focused belief’s changed the outcome.

The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous Bill Wilson drank himself to near death.  A medical examination revealed irreparable damage to his internal organs.  This is an example how limiting beliefs can destroy us.

Anyhow he wanted to live.  He felt he had a higher purpose and so he went to Europe to get help from Carl Jung, a famous psychiatrist.  He knew his belief system needed to change to stop drinking.  It worked for a while.  Yet he drank again.  Upon his next trip to visit Dr. Jung he was told that only God could help him now.  He was an Atheist.   What a dilemma.  So he went home and found a self-help religious group.  He opened his heart to God.  He believed.  He asked for Divine Intervention in his life.  And it turned out, through belief, through truisms, he got well.  The Doctors were astounded.  That was the beginning of Alcoholics Anonymous; his calling from above.

I always am focused on and believe in something higher and finer.  It is above us and within us.  I see it in you each time I adjust you. (To ad-just is to bring to center).

Dr.R.J. Folkard

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