In the years, so far, that I have been called to serve mankind through the healing art of Chiropractic, I have witnessed massive healing responses in many, many people.  I cannot think of any condition that would rob one of their ability to live fully, that is not overcome by the healing response from within that is initiated through a pure and powerful chiropractic adjustment.

While it is true that one can overcome any condition known to man via regular chiropractic care, and other natural supported measures, I do not treat that condition specifically.  The adjustment is made, the spine is in alignment, the nervous system is free to flow, and mental impulses are sent out to every tissue cell in the body.  The wisdom within mounts a massive healing response,  the body and mind let go to this innate intelligence,  all is released and that is that.

I take no credit nor any blame for what occurs.  Yet I have absolute faith, confidence and belief in the adjustment and the willingness of the body to heal and function perfectly, over time.  Something as simple as a spinal alignment through the laying on of loving hands yet so profound is each and every outcome.

This is my 25 th year, my 25 th anniversary of being here doing whatever it takes, paying whatever price to deliver my services of love and healing for all of you.  Thank you so much to my 25 year veterans and all you who have just begun the journey.

Dr. R. J. Folkard D.C.

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