Lifestyle Considerations

Life Style Considerations

Stress, perpetual stress is the direct cause of all health problems from headaches to caner.

DIS-stress can be separated into 3 components


Mental Emotional/ Stinking Thinking inappropriate belief

Chemical/Toxic poor food choices, drugs, bad air/water

Science now tells us the environmental stress (the way we live) has more bearing on overall health and well being then genetics. (Glad they caught up with the times)

So every day what you think say and do will either support your internal healing process or it will cause more disturbances contributing to your demise.

Your ability to receive an adjustment is as important as the giving of the adjustment.

To receive you must prepare; so, lifestyle considerations are very important

Consider what you are eating – fruits, veggies, essential fats, pure water are the building blocks to quality cellular repair.

Consider what you are thinking – your thoughts of those around you; your interaction with others will either create a healthy or a hurting atmosphere

Consider what you are doing - The choice you make, the activity you engage in helps or hinders.


“The Doctor cannot do for you what you will not do for yourself first.”

Come on in, be willing and prepared to receive your next adjustment. I am always ready to give to you; always.

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