Beyond Genetics

Beyond Genetics

Have you seen the commercial about the gene that determines whether you will get breast cancer or not?

Some women are choosing to rid themselves of their breasts because they have this gene; so the studies say.  The statistics are questionable as well.  To me anyone can and do studies to prove their point and sell their product or scare someone into taking drastic measures.  Science can be manipulated.

When I was in school they talked of dominant and recessive genes.  They said certain environmental stressors, repetitive stress, can wake up a recessive gene.  Some recessive genes can cause cancer.

My whole family died from cancer, on my Dad’s side at an early age.  That means I have the genes (sleeping) that express cancer.  I am still alive and doing well.

Have you heard of the term Epigenetics.  This work states that they now know it is our environment and our lifestyle even the way we think that can cause cancerous genes to form abnormal protein chains, that make abnormal (cancerous) cells.  Yes the garbage we eat, the processed foods filled with toxins are the culprit.  Even the way we think can cause cancer.

Cancer feeds on sugar, fructose, etc.  They proliferate rapidly on a sweet diet.  A sweet diet weakens your immune system drastically.  It’s your immune system that cleans up all the malformed cells.  Google Dr. Bruce Lipton and Epigenetics for more information.

Check this out.  Some Scientist had pig heart cells growing in a petri dish filled with nutrient rich fluid.  They lived for about 20 years.  All he did was filtered the fluid to get rid of toxins and keep a rich food supply available.  Well he died or something and one of his co-workers found the cells dead within 1 or 2 days.  Why?  Because no one changed the fluid. They discovered the toxins killed the cells.  They found some malformed as well.  Environment and the choices we make is crucial to our health.

How about your mind?  Dr. Bernie Segal a famous cancer specialist has shown that people who are unable to forgive and forget are much more likely to get cancer.  Yes impure thoughts equals an impure body.  An impure body will succumb to sickness, disease even cancer and death.

Genes only make up protein chain menus.  These menus go out to the body to form different parts.  Eyes, legs, heart, etc.  All the medical research I have seen lately, and it is a lot, points to our environment as the culprit.  Toxins even thoughts disrupt the genetic code causing cellular malformation.  Change the environment change your health and well being.

I would much rather develop a great health paradigm, pure diet, pure thoughts, regular intensive exercise and lots of loving relationships, and regular chiropractic care, than go under a knife, remove my good parts just because and then under go more drastic intervention.   What do you chose?

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