Natural Prevention Reversal Of Osteoporosis

Natural Prevention and Reversal of Osteoporosis

Recent evidence proves that taking specific dosages of Calcium and Vitamin D along with other vitamins and minerals can prevent and even reverse osteoporosis in those diagnosed with the disease.  These same dosages are used both for prevention and reversal.

Evidence illustrates that taking daily dosages of key nutrients  can prevent and reverse osteoporosis as well as other common degenerative diseases.

In our society, 1 in 4 people will develop osteoporosis by age 50.

Men (1 in 8), and women (1 in 4) included, 25% die from  hip fracture and it’s complications.  In Canada, more women die from hip fractures than the combined death rate of both breast and ovarian cancers*.

Osteoporosis is 100% preventable.

However, prevention requires optimal intake of certain nutrients.  A healthy diet is important, yet not all the key nutrients needed come from diet alone.  Exercise, regular exercise, is a must as well.  Sadly, most of you are not getting sufficient bone support nutrients.  Calcium and Vitamin D alone are not enough.  Some other key nutrients include Magnesium, Vitamin C,  Copper, Zinc, Silica, Boron and B-Complex.

We chiropractors are bone and nerve specialists.

Be proactive with your health and ask us how you can develop a good bone health paradigm.   We carry some of the first bone support products on the market.  Let us provide you with the key nutrients you need to keep you walking and running through life!

Get tested to determine your needs today.  We have what you need to keep you going.

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