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People have often asked what I do on Tuesdays when I’m not in the office.

Last Tuesday I was up at 6 a.m. and off to Windsor.  I adjust race horses and some people in different barns.  Adjusting a horse is an amazing experience.  At first they are a little nervous, and very alert, but once they receive a neck adjustment they settle.  There is a lot of licking and chewing and they come to love the adjustment.  Most snuggle their head and neck up to me once they know me.  They stand ever so still while I pass my hands over them looking for disturbances in the flow of the healing current that reaches out to all the cells and tissues via the nervous system.  Then I check their legs for misalignments and their organs for energy disturbances that result in loss of function.  Homeopathic remedies are offered to bring the internal systems back into balance.  I love connecting with and adjusting horses.  They really seem to get the big idea, and boy do they perform well after their adjustments.

There is a couple who purchased a chiropractic table for me to adjust their family and friends while I’m in the area.  Last time a friend came for help, he had heart arrhythmia.  The hospital tried drugs and then tried to shock the heart into working properly.  No success with the electric shock therapy!!!  Then they wanted to assess the heart through his groin up to his heart, in doing this the punctured his heart.  Drugs were used to stop the bleeding.  His heart had stopped several times, and there was infection at the entry site of his groin.  He had liver toxicity too after all the drugs, I guess.  I found a pinched nerve to his heart and a hormone imbalance which caused the heart problem.  He was given an adjustment and some herbs to clean his liver of the toxins, and balanced his adrenal glands and hormonal levels.    It’s in the literature, if your heart is pounding erratically and the heart sounds are off it is due to a high level of stress related to hormones produced by your adrenal glands.

Well the man stood up and was amazed at how he felt after his adjustment; his face went from pale to pink he said he felt taller more relaxed and alert.  His heard wasn’t pounding.  “What did you do to me,” he said.  He could take a deep breath for the first time in a long time, Wow!   That’s the power of an adjustment.  There will be a road to recovery to be sure.  He will be back for more adjustments.

Benjamin was a one week old baby who had jaundice, his liver was stressed, and it seemed to be from all the vaccinations they receive at birth.  I adjusted his spine very gently, and then rolled him over, his eyes met mine and we connected.  My heart melted.  Next I balanced the energy in his liver with a healing touch.  His parents and I were amazed as his yellow complexion turned bright pink.  What a thrill and honor it is to help the helpless ones.  So on I went; more horses and more people.

I got home around 7 p.m. filled with peace and excitement, thankful for a magical healing day, and thankful for the gift of the adjustment that God gave to me to deliver.  Hope to see you and your family soon and forever.

Dr. Bob

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