Memory Loss

Memory Loss

“Preserving Memory as You Age”

Have you noticed that your mind is not as sharp as it once was?  Can’t remember what you ate yesterday.  Memory recall for things here and there is lost?

A number of factors predispose up to a decline in memory capacity that could lead to more severe cognitive disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.   One of the major factors is a lifetime accumulation of free radical damage to brain cells.  Free radicles are induced by the brains high use of oxygen.  The same way that air causes fruit to rot, or metal to rust, oxygen in the body damages our tissues in a similar fashion.  The brain uses about 20-25% oxygen to make energy from bloo9d sugar enabling the brain cells to function perfectly.  Unfortunately the side effect is a building up of oxygen free radicals which can damage brain cells and impair their function over time.  Free radicals have been known to be a key factor in cognitive decline including Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies demonstrate that individuals who supplement with antioxidants and high potency multivitamins including all the B vitamins have a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease as they age.  Specific natural supplementation has been shown to increase alertness and concentration as well.

Memory loss as we age has a lot to do with a decline in neurotransmitter substance such as acetylcholine.  It’s the stuff that sparks the brain cells into action and allows them to rapidly send and retrieve messages along a long line of brain cells (neurons).

Preserving your memory as you agree is an important preventative step in your overall health and wellness.  As you reach 40-50 years of age you should consider the following regime as an excellent brain enhancer.

-phytoantiox (free radical quenchers)

-high DHA (neurotransmitter enhancer)

-Vitamin C (anti- aging/antioxidant)

-bio health matrix (high potency multi vitamins)

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