Living A Radient Life From Above Down Inside Out

Living a Radiant Life from Above Down Inside and Out

Dr. Robert Folkard

“Why is it so hard to stop thinking, saying, and doing those things that we know are so destructive to our health, well-being, and vitality?”

This is a common question I am often asked. Let’s explore this together shall we?

If we were to look at life from an energetic level or from a point of radiance we would have to agree that there are many levels to what might be described as our vibrational nature or our Being.

Some of these levels are seemingly more tangible in nature. For example, the physical form of our Being can be seen in terms of our bodies. Other vibrational levels of our Being appear to be more invisible in nature. These are the higher, denser, finer levels of who we are which may be seen in terms of the mind, the heart and the spiritual nature of our Being.

We tend to focus more on that which we have been taught to see which is the lower vibrational level of the physical level of form. Science tells us that the cells of the physical body have a very short existence, some only days or hours. This level seems so real to us where the higher finer levels that are invisible in nature are barely non-existent in our perception. It is said that, “what we respond to and identify with is what we express”, in attitude, character and action. Therefore as we focus on the end result of life, the physical form, we must come and go just as the cells of our body do. There is no purpose for our existence if we identify just with this lower level of vibration and so it is we end up being here for a “good time” not a long time…and we end up wondering why the good times don’t last very long!

Subconsciously we sabotage ourselves through this death agreement and we find ourselves easily doing the things that rob us of our life. Some of us live a life of pain, discomfort, sickness and disease as a result. Others do what they can to prolong their existence at this level which ultimately results in the same outcome.

A good example is cancer. It is not a sickness or disease so much as it is a level of existence, a vibrational level that is most certainly lower on the scale of life. If our vibrational level is focalized at the level of cancer then that is what becomes us and we all know what happens next.

Now getting back to the premise that there are many levels of vibration in our Being, it would be accurate to say that we have the free will to identify and be more focused and expressive in life at a level that is much higher and finer, a level where sickness and disease does not exist. If we could in fact identify with the highest most spiritual level of our existence and let that be evident in our lives even at the cellular level, we would live a life full of vibrant expression. We would be an influence on the world instead of the world acting upon us. Chiropractors call this above, down, inside, out, principle.

The chiropractic word adjustment means, “to adjust, ad, bring to centre, the centre of our being, to the highest level of vibrational existence which we call love, to be expressed as the adjustment reunites man, the physical with the spiritual”, so that the connection with above is maintained and love can be expressed from above, down, inside to out of you into the world.

Hence the reason for our eternal existence which is a whole other topic that needs to be brought into the light.

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