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Hello Everyone:

We have only been back one week from the chiropractic seminar in Las Vegas.  In 23 years of being a chiropractor I have never had such a magnificant experience as I did at this seminar.  It was an inspirational moment in time.  Truly a transforming moment.  I will never be the same again.  Thank God.

As you all know our motto is "bringing out the best in you".  In order to do that there must be trust, there must be a letting go of opinions, concepts and notions alike if your to continue to grow towards your ideal state and have a life filled with blissfull experiences.  There is a saying, "when you are green you are growing, when you are ripe you are rotting".

Everyone including the lecturers were letting go to something higher and finer.  Wayne Dyer talked about "Loving Service and about letting God into our lives".  He himself is on the road to healing and transformation.  The love and truth that came out of that man was amazing.  A lot of tears were shed as he opened our hearts and we let go of limiting beliefs and opened to the truth of who we are.  (read his new book called - The Power of Intention.) Check out Wayne say's don't die with your mission still inside you.

There is information on genetics vs. lifestyle and which one has more significant impact on our health and well being.  It is lifestyle.  Drugs continue to cause havoc on our already toxic bodies.  M.D.'s treat symptoms and don't address the cause.  They assume that the systems of the body are faulty and drugs are given to override the system forcing it to do something else.  Studies indicate that the generation of children today are the sickest yet.  Obesity, diabetes and even alzheimers are occuring at much higher rates in our children than ever before.  It is said they may not survive even us.

Lifestyle is the key, the wellness movement is the leader.  Reduce the toxic burden to your body, mind and heart.  Get well, stay well and live an abundant life.Check out my previous letter, specifically the chiropractors lifesyle.It begins with regular chiropractic adjustments.

Another of the lecturers was Nick Vujicic, this young man was born without arms or legs.  He wanted to die at 8 years of life, then realized if he did his family would suffer even more.  He is now 28 and is a motivational speaker, having talked some 30,000 times all over the world.  He tells us that to reach our goals we must keep on trying no matter how many times you don't succeed.  He had us write down 3 obstacles in our lives that are in the way of us reaching our ultimate goal.  Then he asked us to raise our hands if any of these obstacles were permanent, no one did, they are transient only.  He told us his obstacles, having no arms or legs are permanent but now they are opportunities.  He is highly successfull and is living the life of his dreams.  He said he would not change a thing .  He is a  blessing to mankind,  how wonderful.  Check him out at

Dr. Demartini is a chiropractor and one of my mentors, he has lectured to millions and has many motivational books and CD's, co-author of "The Secret", and wrote "The Gratitude Effect".  He hosts seminars, one of  my favorites is "The Breakthrough".  He said if you have fear you are only thinking of yourself.  When you focus on your mission there is no fear.  Do only high priority things.  There is a law of attraction so have grattitude in your heart an inspired mind and enthusiasm in your body.  Have a cause bigger than you.  Be congruent in your highest vision and your goals.  Ask yourself this, what is your inner most dominant thought?  Check it with your world around you.

There were many other lecturers with similar themes.  These were very moving times to be sure.

It is my wish that you truly live your purpose from  a point of health and well being.  I am here to help you every step of the way.

Sincerely Dr. Robert J. Folkard

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