Keeping It Slim


Poor lifestyle choices, including bad diets are the major contributors to obesity today. Obesity includes a large cut (Visceral Fat), and or love handles big or small… you know, the spare tire around the waist.

Being well informed through quality information and creating better life style choices are the keys to success for living and feeling great. Weight management leads to exceptional health. Consider this; 68% of the deaths & diseases are directly diet related, and 7 out of 10 will suffer and die because of what they eat.

Exercise is a very important fact here. Knowing which type and the frequency is the key to reach your fitness and weight goals. For optimal health and weight management, avoid food’s that contain fructose as much as possible. (0-15grams per day)

Read the labels especially avoid pop, sport drinks, and most cereals as they contain large (hidden) amounts of devastating, toxins.

Follow these 7 rules and you are on your way

1) Don’t diet - always leads to increased weight gain.

2) Sit down to eat – relax, give thanks, eat slowly, reflect on the taste and quality of the food, chew on both sides, chew a lot.

3) Forget the fat free thing – essential fatty acids, good fats are necessary

“Fat does not make you Fat”

4) Plan your meals and snacks – be ready for those hunger pains with high quality, high energy, low sugar (no fructose) natural foods especially fruits veggie, yogurt, seeds and nuts (not peanuts) eat less grains too.

5) Eat protein – add high quality protein with each meal. Studies show that protein with meals decreases sugar cravings. See our sunrise surprise morning smoothy drink – Loaded with essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, and pure protein…..Yummy

6) Stay active, walk quickly get a variety of exercise, activities that you enjoy. Studies show that exercising in shorter bursts with rest periods in between burns more fat then exercising for an entire session.

7) Watch less TV, participate more -

- Metabolism decreases drastically as your exposure to TV increases.

- People who watch, death and violence, stealing and cheating, have less will power and tend to be more moody leading to poor beliefs & lifestyle choices.

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