It S All In Your Head

It’s all in your head

We recently attended an amazing chiropractic seminar in Las Vegas.  There were thousands of chiropractors and their support teams in attendance.  It is comforting and very uplifting to be in company with so many like-minded individuals

Many if not all attend to re affirm their ultimate mission; to revisit their true purpose, which is to love and serve the health and wellness needs of the many.

Some have lost their way, or never found it; they are looking for that door to open, the light to shine, and the big idea to overcome them and fill them with inspiration, with a vision that is worth living for;  one that is of the highest and finest.

For me, my heart was re-opened to the love I have for humanity and all life, and the profound effect the chiropractic adjustment has on one’s life as a whole.  Wow is all I can say.  Wow…And I have decided that I will take care of you and your loved ones for another 25 years, pets included.

There were many classes, three days worth from 8am-6pm.  Some on new techniques, others on philosophy, the art and science of chiropractic, nutrition, and the dramatic effects of lifestyle on one’s health, wellbeing and success in life.

The main theme was leadership.  Everyone is a leader in their own way.  It is best to cultivate leadership in all who are around you.  You do that by being a leader yourself.  You must have a vision higher than yourself, to inspire you, to light you on fire, and then you must take massive action each and every step along the way.  There are no obstacles, only opportunities arise as you stay focused; a door opens and voila you succeed.  Then when you look around and you see your fire, your focus, your drive has inspired others and they in turn take their lead and play their part too.  Be sure to offer them sincere complementation.

Another theme was the head game thing “It is all in your head.”  Change your mind, hold steady, keep moving and all will be well.  It works.  It really works.

Affirmations help a lot too.  One class we spent most of the time repeating affirmations out loud.  One of my all-time favourites is;

I am loved….                I am confident….            I am successful….

If it’s going to be it’s up to me            And         Never give up

Then there was this one class where he said systems are the key to success.  You have to have a goal, get a plan, put systems in place, and communicate, take massive action via your systems, keep them in check and modify when necessary.

This he says is the key to success.  I agree.

You cannot fly by the seat of your pants.  If you don’t take right action for right actions, the universe will take action for you.  And you might not like it.

All in all, this seminar changed my life.  I am taking complete charge of my life and I am taking full responsibility for everything I think say and do.  Choice is the one sacred gift we have.  I choose to love life and serve out of the abundance of my heart.

Remember that the power is within you.   Success is your right.  Live life to the fullest.

See you soon for your next pure and powerful adjustment.

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