Higher Levels Vs Lower Levels

The Higher Levels Permeate the Lower Levels – It Happens No Other Way

Day by day, the circumstances we experience, and the stress we encounter, can create a shift in the vibrational textures of our internal environment.

As we shift to a lower, coarse vibrational state we are impacted in a negative way by the ill patterns in the world around us.

The body and mind attempt to adapt, yet symptoms begin to develop and a loss of health is eminent.

A chiropractic adjustment immediately turns on all the higher brain centers, increasing the vibrational rate of all the cells and tissues in both mind and body.

This shift moves you vibrationally above and beyond the level of sickness, disease and suffering.

Maintaining this state through regular adjustments keeps you in this natural high vibrational state of being, allowing you to make better lifestyle choices and allowing you to be more resilient to any damaging stressors in your life.

Now this, is a BIG thing.

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