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Our garden tractor wouldn’t run properly.  You know runs well for a few minutes, coughs, sputter, lose power and then shut down.  Long story short we found some impurities (dirt, grass, and debris) caught in a bend of the fuel line.  “No gas!”  We cleaned the lines and put in high test gas with a cleaner and voila our garden tractor runs perfect now.

Now think about your heart and your circulatory system.  Your diet is filled with impurities (pizza, bread, sugar, debris).  These impurities get into the blood stream, come to a bend in the artery that feeds the heart and stick there.  Your heart flutters once in a while, you feel weak and tired on and off then you shut down.

Heart attacks are a leading cause of death in our family, we call humanity.  It would make sense to help your body, especially your arteries clear of impurities and be sure to only add the best of fuel (quality high energy, pure foods) to your system and do a yearly spring cleanse so you can move through life with bound full energy.  Energy needed to succeed like only you can, given your special circumstances.

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