Have No Fear


I came across some interesting information:

The germiest places in the mall are:

1) Bathroom sinks

2) Food court tables

3) Escalator hand rails

4) ATM key pads (especially the enter key)

Eg; studies found 1200 germs including E-coli and cold and flu virus on ATM keypads

Eg;. Flu virus can live up to 18 hours on hard services such as restaurant menus

Antibiotic over use has caused a virulent strain of bacteria in cattle we eat

Go local free range for chicken, turkey and beef.

With the rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria comes a cause for concern. There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your health and well being remain at an optimal level.

1) Make sure your immune system is in good shape the reason some stay well and others get sick is immune system strength/weakness.

Eg; 1 tsp of sugar will weaken your immune system by 60% for 6 hours; one can of soda has 12 teaspoons of sugar

Years ago a flu epidemic hit North America it was discovered that those under regular Chiropractic care had a much greater survival rate.


The latest research shows us that an upper cervical (neck adjustment) can increase the strength of your immune system by over 80%. WOW!

2) Hand washing is another proactive step.

– use warm water

– use a mild non antibacterial soap

– cover all of the surfaces of your hands including under your nails

– rinse thoroughly

– use a paper towel to open bathroom doors

Remember your skin is your main line of defense from the outer world. Don’t over wash it. Ingest flax oil, olive oil and omega 3 capsules 3x daily for optimal skin cells.

Avoid antibacterial soaps they have chemicals that worsen the bacterial resistance problem.

Studies indicate that the chemical used in these soaps (tryclosan), may disrupt your hormone balance.

Let’s strengthen your immune system between adjustments

- reduce your stress levels

“fight or flight” weakens digestion and immunity

- get plenty of sunshine and fresh air

- use vitamin D daily eg: our solray D spray 5 to 10 sprays under the tongue 1x daily

- drink plenty of clean water daily (not tap water) (bottled water isn’t much better)

- eat lots of fresh fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, beans, legumes.

- Avoid excessive sugar (fructose) (ingestion weakens immunity 60% for 6 hours)

- Avoid all process foods, artificial sweeteners and genetically modified ingredients

- Consider taking a high quality probiotic supplement eg; our flora syntrophy 3 caps 1x daily

- Exercise daily, - heavy- 2-3x a week light to moderate 2-3x

- Take 1-2 grams of vitamin C daily

- Rest and give thanks on Sunday

- Get plenty of sleep every night

- Compliment someone twice daily

- Give as many hugs, handshakes, pats on the back as you can each and every waking moment P.S. Don’t worry about the germs when your giving a hand shake

Overall; looking after your body mind and heart in a positive manner and staying lovingly connected to…….. what should we say…… you name it, will ensure you are in harmony with all the creatures on this planet. Symbiosis means that we work together for a greater outcome. So relax, don’t worry just be one with the bug.

Some germs can be very beneficial to all of us. Remember the law of survival of the fittest. When something is sick and dying and not expressing life it will be taken away. Louis Pasteur founder of, penicillin said “its not bacteria that is the problem; it’s the terrain (your body).

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