Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Our body, each and every cell, organ, and tissue, vibrates at a unique frequency that is complimentary to the collective whole. Together this energetic vibration is what is known as life.  100% expression of life at its highest and finest.  Each organ is comprised of many cells and has a vibrational tone that allows for its particular functional state. Thus each cell within your body is like a musical note. Together they play sweet music. These vibrational tones can fall to a level of 60% expression and still maintain their integrity without cellular function being too compromised.

What would cause a drop in these vibratory rates of the cells, tissues, and organs of your body you ask? Everything in life is vibrational - food, drink, words, movement, toxins, rocks, chemicals, etc. German Health Specialists have determined that it is an unwanted additional oscillation, when introduced into the body at random intervals  can interrupt the body’s internal balance causing a shift in the harmonic vibrational state of the organ that receives it. Your magnificent body can adapt to this unwanted stressor, but only for so long.

When the vibratory rate of any part of the body drops below 60%, there will be overt symptoms signaling a tenancy towards malfunction. Repetitive unwanted oscillations from stressors with erratic vibrations will cause a further decline in the vibratory rate away from your ideal state. Pain, sickness, and suffering are imminent. It is said that cancer exists at a level of 20% expression of life, vibrationally speaking.

We were not meant to express our lives at this low course level. Thus cancer is a normal expression of life, but not for us. What specifically can cause such a drop in our vibratory rate? Low vibrational foods, processed or refined, chemical exposure, pesticides, drugs, medications, even our words and thoughts when negative, can cause a shift in our vibratory rate.  This robs us of our health and wellbeing.

Soooo…… maintain your ideal state of existence, which is 100% expression of life – (vibrationally speaking), you must partake in all things that are pure and higher vibrationally­­­ that are filled with life giving energy. A Chiropractic adjustment allows for a continued uninterrupted flow of life giving vibrational energy to all the parts of your magnificent body. There is a rise in the vibration of the cells. Even the cells in your brain have been shown to increase in vibration thus, raising your conscious awareness after a pure and powerful adjustment.

Homeopathic remedies are highly vibrational too. There are specific remedies for each organ when taken regularly that will return them to a harmonic balanced vibrational state within. Fresh live wholesome foods offer the same energetic resonance to your body.

Thinking positive inspiring uplifting thoughts and saying a kind word will always return you to your ideal state as well.  It all comes down to choice.  Either you are moving towards 100% expression of love and life, or experiencing fatigue, sickness, pain, suffering, disease, and then death. Which will you promote in your day to day life?

I know!

See you soon for your next lifesaving adjustment, your next high vibrational herbal or homeopathic remedy, and you’re next energizing loving word of health giving advice.

Dr.R.J. Folkard

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