Genetics And Your Environment

Genetics and your Environment

A patient came in today for a regular adjustment.  She had been in a car accident and after one adjustment she was back to normal.  She commented on how her adjustments made such a difference to her health and well -being, performance and overall life.  She believes that a healthy lifestyle along with chiropractic adjustments improve the quality and quantity of life, so do I.  Then she told me about her grandmother who has Alzheimer’s disease, “ My mind will go to, it’s in my genes,” she said.  Well I proceeded to tell her if you believe something to be true even a non-truth that it could occur.  That’s the law of attraction.  For example, research demonstrated people whose parents died at an early age died early as well all because they believed it to be so.  That belief allows for poor lifestyle choices and a negative vibratory expression to flow through the body from the mind interrupting life and the inner healing pathways.

I told her about more research that absolutely proves that genetics do not play a role in overall health and well -being.  This research proves that it is more our environment and our lifestyle choices that dictate the quantity and quality of life within us.  We must assume complete responsibility for our lives.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to increase the level of conscious awareness allowing for better choices.  Over 80% of all the higher brain centers are activated with a neck adjustment.  There is a massive healing response within all the cells and tissues.  The body mind and heart are nourished and purified as the parasympathetic nervous system is turned on.  Google Epigenetics and Dr. Bruce Lipton, I told her if you want to know the truth.  Change your mind with the truth and change your life.  Get adjusted and make healthier more vibrant choices.  Live the life you deserve.

She proceeded to tell me about her sister who has breast cancer.  Her sisters lifestyle choices were not the best, she said.  She smokes, is sedentary and does not eat well at all.  She told her sister that maybe her lifestyle contributed to her ill health in the hopes that if she made changes that she would get well.  Instead of being empowered she was angry assuming that her sister was blaming her for her cancer.  Perception is formed from our belief system, the brain can rationalize anything, well she went for genetic testing and the results were negative, genetics did not play a role.

Genes design protein chains to be sent to the body to rebuild it, to fortify itself from stress.   The code or blueprint goes via a messenger to the stressed cells and tissues.  What happens is the message is altered, misread like a crumpled piece of paper read wrong and an abnormal process is used to make a cell.  Abnormal cells make more and you have an abnormal growth.  We call this cancer.  The message can be altered when our internal environment is disrupted through chemical/toxic, mental/emotional or structural/physical stress.

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