I came across some interesting info on statin drugs.  This is supposed to lower cholesterol to prevent heart conditions.

One in four people over 45 take a statin drug.

Studies show a greater than 50% increase in plaque and calcification in the arteries if statin users compared to none users.

That’s not good news!

Also; other studies reveal an increase in type II diabetes in statin users.

Those already diagnosed with type II diabetes show significant calcification of their arteries.

Check out the side effects of statin drugs:

- Muscle cramps, sever pain

- Nerve damage in hands and feet

- Suppressed immunity

- Pancreas and liver toxicity

- Cataracts

- Memory loss

- And an overall increased risk of cancer

Statin drugs are risky, statin drugs are toxic.

If you wish to continue with this drug take 1-200 mg of CoQ10 per day.


Get off it and change your diet, exercise and lifestyle habits.

Invest in your health.  See a natural health care specialist who can help you achieve and maintain an ideal state of “Health and Well-being”.

Dr. Robert Folkard

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