Fight Or Flight

Fight or Flight

The Physiological Effects of Chronic Perpetual Stress.

Your mind perceives something going on in the world around you.  You immediately search your sub-conscious to find some past experience and the resultant belief formed to make sense of what is going on out there.  Feelings of the past mixed with the now, and you are caught in that moment gone by.

Research calls this apparent reality which is one third of a second delay with regards to what is called ongoing reality.  Your brain judges that outer action and then sends a message to your adrenal glands. They make hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, your blood sugar rises to give extra energy to the muscles for you to spring into action.  You have a heightened sense of awareness to help you succeed or overcome the perceived threat.  Your inner organs slow down, digestion is impaired, immunity weakened.  Your energy becomes erratic and is diverted to your muscles for fight or flight. Your brain is in a lowered vibrational state.  And survival is a dominant focus.  In days gone by this was a good thing.  Saving your life from that sabre-tooth tiger!  These days stress is ongoing.  As we endure ongoing perpetual stress, it has its detrimental effects on body, mind and heart.  First you are stressed and wired, then you become stressed and tired, you can’t sleep, thoughts streaming thru your head.  You wake up feeling that you never slept.  Energy is low, your body is stiff.  You think it is age.  Digestion is off, gas, bloating, constipation, etc.  Your immunity is weak, wet dripping nose, phlegm in the back of your throat, emotions are high, anger, anxiety, frustration, depression; you choose.

Keep going and you will get chronic arthritis, even auto immune disease.  Some will e diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibro myalgia.

Now the good news:  Latest research has proven the awesome power of a chiropractic adjustment.

Each neck adjustment;

-turns on your higher brain centers

-high life giving vibrational current flows to every cell and tissue of your body

-your immune system is enhanced by greater than 80%

-energy is diverted to the internal organs through the parasympathetic nervous system

-your heart and circulation systems relax and strengthen

-digestion is improved

-your muscles relax

-Your sleep is good

-your mind is clear

-increased awareness

-increased aptitude

-your mind and body is in a healing state

WOW-now that’s Chiropractic – honoring healing from within

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