Little Noah just nine months old now, born premature, woke up in the night stuffy and unable to breath efficiently. Family and the baby were in obvious distress all through the night.

As it happened Tuesday was my day off very rare indeed. The phone call came to my cell as I was about, getting gifts. So I made the agreement to stop at our healing centre. Most of the Family thought it was best to take Noah to the hospital. Grandma chose to come to Chiropractic.

So in I went to deliver the adjustment; this little guy was stuffy and grunting, wiggling and squirming. I gently placed my hands on his spine to release the healing current that flows throughout his body. I worked on the energy points related to the lungs. His breathing became deep and slow; rhythmic. He stopped squirming and grunting. Noah became still, his face turned pink. To all of our amazement he opened his little eyes and looked directly at mine. All I can say is there was a huge connection and a massive amount of information shared between our spiritual essences.

What an extremely gratifying moment, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa their Faith, Confidence and belief in the healing power within. Noah is breathing well, all his cells and tissues are being nurtured thanks to Chiropractic.

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