Everyday Stress

Everyday Stress

One of the questions I ask a new patient is “What caused their condition?”  Most are not sure.  I have realized that everyday stress is the major cause.  Everyday stress has three major components that can cause a loss of health that would lead to all unwanted conditions, with pain and suffering to be the unwanted symptoms.

Structural/physical stress - poor posture, sedentary lifestyle

-heavy lifting, trauma

Toxic/chemical - bad diet, exposure to pesticides, chemicals

- tap or bottled water, household contaminants

Mental/emotional - busy lifestyle, overwhelmed, frustrated, anxiety

- mental fatigue

Any or all of these three stressors are the cause of your loss of health.  Your declining health leads to unwanted symptoms and your present condition.

We will find the cause and develop a treatment program that will

Restore your health

Alleviate your symptoms

And keep you well

Your responsibility is to follow your recommended treatment program.  Make lifestyle changes that support your “Healing Process”.

Dr. R. J. Folkard

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