Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Are you feeling tired, run down, and can’t sleep, no energy to do the things you love?

Wouldn’t you say life is hectic most days?  More hurry less speed my mom used to say.

Some of the latest research tells us that we enter into a fight or flight state during ongoing stress in what we call a “normal life”.

All your muscles  tie up, using all your energy reserves, your mind enters into a one sided low course vibrational emotional state.  You make poor choices, you get overwhelmed, moody full of fatigue.  There is loss of potential.  You don’t sleep well any more.

Extra coffee and more sugar make it all worse.

Want to be saved?   Read on…..

Studies on the effects of a chiropractic neck adjustment reveal positive immediate changes in the brain and body.  Each adjustment opens up all the higher brain centers.  There is increased awareness, increased aptitude.  You make better choices, obstacles become opportunities.

Your muscles relax (sympathetic release).  Your internal organs turn back one, your energy returns, you sleep better, and you can become resilient to your daily stressors.    You have energy at the end of your day to do the things you love.

Now that’s pure and powerful; that’s energy conservation.

See you for your next adjustment

Dr. Robert J. Folkard

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