Did You Know


-horses get enough trace minerals in their diet

-salt blocks are not recommended for horses (smooth tongue)

-excess urine = increased acidity causing poor joints and hooves

-ran should not be fed if there are poor hooves, excess can cause calcium deficiency, poor hooves and     muscle spasms (tying up)

-Essential fatty acids most be fed daily for cell wall integrity, hoof skin and hair quality

-Essential fatty acids promote PG1 prostaglandins-which are inflammation controlling hormones

-flax oil is the most bioavailable essential fatty acid

-corn or soy products including oils are mostly genetically modified and could be toxic their oils are high in omega 6 which leads to an increased inflammatory response under stress leading to degenerative chances especially in the joints

-chelated supplements are protein bound for superior absorption

-most horse diets are lysine deficient lysine is an essential amino acid necessary for bone, skin, and hoof development

-sweet feeds are high in fructose mostly from corn which is toxic and can affect the health and performance of the horse, (Google: syndrome X, hypoglycemia and dysbiosis syndromes)

-realigning the bones and joints of the spine and extremities reduces wear and tear (premature degeneration) and increases performance.

-there are over 100 trillion nerve fibers in the horse that send mental impulses, life giving energy to every cell, tissue, and organs of the body

-100,000 cells are replaced every minute, cell turnover is continuous

-muscles relax, energy stores are increased, heart and circulation are relaxed, and digestion improves with each chiropractic adjustment.

-performance horses are restored to a normal balance, healing state when adjusted, thus preventing unwanted conditions such as ulcers, colic, tying up, and arthritis.

-all health related conditions recover quickly and more completely when interference to the nervous system is removed with a chiropractic adjustment.

-chiropractic adjustments enhance immunity by over 80%

-an alpha healing state is achieved with each upper cervical adjustment a spinal misalignment in the neck can cause increased stress in the front legs including all joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons, strain, sprain is eminent.

-a misaligned pelvis can cause degenerative problems in the hind extremities resulting in poor performance and ultimately lameness

-when a joint is stressed or misaligned there is an increase in synovial fluid to lubricate and stabilize the injured joint

-a misaligned joint heals thru an inflammatory response (heat, redness, pain swelling)

-chronic inflammation occurs when the causative stressor is not found and removed.  Fatty deposition, bone softening and eburnation (spurs) result.

-Have a chiropractor check for misalignments to support healing and enhance recovery for better performance

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