Developing A Health Para

Developing a Health Paradigm

If one looks the world over, we will see two camps. One is the movement towards sickness and the other is towards ideal health & wellness. Diet related Type 2 Diabetes and obesity is reaching epidemic proportions even in the very young. It would seem that this group is reactive in nature seeking care when it’s almost too late.

Statistics point to a 5 fold increase in the amount of sugar intake in this group. For example, the bloodstream maintains a sugar level of 1 teaspoon while just one can of pop has 12x that amount. What is the body supposed to do with all that sugar? It will lead to sickness, suffering, disease, and death. Radical intervention, drugs, and surgery is not the answer. Lifestyle changes are known to alter cell formation. Genetics only play a role in protein formation.

Therefore, it is important that one develops a health plan that would begin with lifestyle changes that would create an environment whereby healthy cells would replace sick cells moving one towards an exceptional level of health and well being. Then and only then, will life truly begin. The other side of the fence does just that! This side is called “THE WELLNESS MOVEMENT.” If one searches every profession, every expression of life, there is one that stands alone. Research proves that the Chiropractic profession embraces what is known as the “ CHIROPRACTIC LIFESTYLE ”; proper diet, regular exercise, quality mental stimulation, plenty of rest, loving relationships and at the top of it all regular chiropractic adjustments for the whole family.

Why chiropractic adjustments first? The nervous system is the master controller of all bodily function.  Mental impulses (innate intelligence) flow through the nervous system to communicate with every cell and tissue.  Innate intelligence allows for self healing, self regulation (adaptation to the environment) and perfect function (cellular harmony) as it flows uninterrupted through the nervous system.  Trauma, toxicity and mental stressors interfere with the flow of life through the nervous system. Left long enough, the whole body breaks down; parts of the body separate from the whole through a spinal misalignment or toxic overload leading to sickness, suffering, disease, and death, then add a less than adequate lifestyle. Where do we start then? Our health must be on top of our value list.

Without health, all aspects of our life would be limited. Just think about it for a moment, so when you get the big idea, seek a great Chiropractor who can help you to develop your health paradigm. A paradigm that is unique only to you, and one that would move you towards exceptional health and well being. The body has an amazing capacity to heal and regulate itself. It needs no interferences. I urge you to develop an optimal health plan which would include all aspects of the chiropractic lifestyle. With ideal health comes a vibrant state of existence; a unique expression of life from above, down, inside, out, into the world around you.

What are you waiting for? Join the wellness movement. Embrace a pure lifestyle. Give now into life and you will get 10x more back.

Yours out of health well being,

Peace and love

Dr. Bob

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