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I was talking to a patient just the other day about people who come for care and after doing a complete history and exam with a report of findings I tell them I can help.  Some stay on and others run for the hills.  You see; some get attention from their suffering and without it they feel that they would be on their own; alone.  The mind creates a patterned identity that without the ailment who would they be?  It is the mind and our belief system that paves the way for health or a loss of health, for all things.  An impure thought will create an impure body.  An impure thought will create chaos and ruin your chances of success.  “The ones that stay,” I said, may go through some healing challenges as they move through the process all the way to completion.

At first you may move rapidly along, and then plateau at a certain level.  Many symptoms may have abated yet some even the ones you came in with, may still be persistent more or less, you may feel like you are stuck, not getting anywhere.  Healing is a process.  It takes time and lots of support.

The wisdom within you will plateau your healing at a certain level till it gathers enough strength to move on to correct the causative factors relative to your ill health.  When given the opportunity you r healer within will completely heal all past health issues, when it is ready.  What a miraculous system we live within, together with

In Germany they have a chart.  It is called “Homotoxicology”, it has two sides. One progresses to more levels of symptoms and ill health all the way to death, this is called “Entropy”.

The left side moves you through levels of healing with symptoms indicative at each level till you reach absolute health and well-being.  This is called syntrophy.  At this level your body, mind and heart can observe its environment and adjust accordingly to meet the environmental demands.  All cells and tissues are ready and able to respond in harmony, a perfect state of balance.  This is exceptional health.  That is where we take you.

By this chart you can determine what type of disease and symptoms a person will go through as they move onward toward exceptional  health, Chiropractors call this retracing.  In other words your care is for low back pain yet you get headaches or heartburn or a sore shoulder.  This is your healer within mounting a healing response to a past injury or interference that got covered up, not resolved, because we took a pain pill, or did nothing or just kept weakening the system with our lifestyle choices, ones that were impure, robing us of the opportunity for complete healing at that time in our life.

Some people remember their injury or illness patterns that occurred through their life.  Some don’t, some worry because they come to get well, not get more pain or a gut ache etc.  You see the wisdom within you is more intelligent than you.  When you turn on the healing process it will happen in order of priority.  You come for headaches but your heart is compromised, you liver is about to fail.  Which would you focus on healing first?

We trust, absolutely trust the healer within each one of you.

Given time your body, mind and heart will heal completely.  You will enjoy exceptional health when you let this process work within you.  It works much more efficiently when you offer it help through our healing program, “The One Central Principle Healing Time Line” and its phases of care.

You can help even more by making better lifestyle choices.  Starting with pure thoughts and as they flow through the body it will rise to the occasion.  The cells and tissues of your body will love the new, healthier, pure choices you make.

So the next time your pain doesn’t go away when you want it too or some other condition arises tell us and we all will support the wise, intelligent healer within so you can be your best and succeed in life in a huge way through exceptional health that you and I maintain.

P.S.     Q…Once you go to a chiropractor you always have to go?

A…Of course, it’s true if you want exceptional health and well-being.

Q… I went once and I was in more pain, I went and my pain went away and I was left with more                          pain elsewhere?

A…Yes this can happen.  Healing is a process and must be completed in time and with lots of      support from you and us.

Dr. R.J. Folkard

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