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I recently read an article by Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, that he wrote in 1486, at the age of 23, just 6 years before Columbus set sail to the Americas.  It had a profound impact on my belief system filling in some gaps between what I call universal truisms.  I’ll sum it up for you.

We are human-beings.  Some say we are spiritual beings in an earthly shell having a physical experience.  Thus we are a mixture of spirit and earthly substance we are neither in heaven or belong to the earth.  As such we are in between these vibrational layers of substance; between heaven (high vibration) and earth (low vibration).   He goes on to say, that we have a choice to make, to be spiritually oriented or earthly bound.   The result of our choice determines the outcome within us and around us.  Have you ever heard of the “Law of Attraction”?  Whatever you think, say and do will bring into your life those things that match the vibrational resonance of your thought, your words, and your actions.  Sooo….if you act based on spiritual orientation which is higher, finer, and more positive you will draw into your life abundance and success in its highest fashion.  On the other side if you are miserable, self-active, and lacking compassion, guess what you get; yes a paltry sum.  Studies tell us that the way your mind thinks can cause sickness even cancer in you especially if you are unable to forgive or forget.

If you are aware of your place in this moment, which is not of this earth and yet not of heaven, then you are empowered to really live an exceptional life based on your free will and the choices you make.   It takes practice to find your place and stay there, when you do the substance in you and around you takes on a new higher vibration.  We are truly unique beings with a glorious opportunity.

This was made evident in a man in 1486.  I am aware of it now; and so are you.


Dr. R.J. Folkard D.C.

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