Chiropractic Changes Lives


I’m in the office telling a patient the truth about chiropractic;  most people come because they have pain, low back, neck pain, stomach pain or some other pain.  Everyone thinks that you go to the chiropractor when you are in pain.  Most wait hoping it will go away.  It doesn’t so then they come in.

Chiropractic has nothing to do with your pain in a direct sense, I said.  In the last year or so there has been some amazing research done by several chiropractors, who returned to school to get a master’s degree in neurology.  The result of this research is astounding.  Actually it fortifies what most intuitive chiropractors already knew; those who base what they do in the principles of chiropractic.

I proceeded to tell this woman the results of this research, everyone in the room seemed to want to hear this information.  Each cervical adjustment moves the brain from the lower more primitive brain centers designed for stress adaptation or fight or flight to the higher brain centers.  Greater than 80% of these centers are activated with one adjustment.  Wow, she exclaimed, I then went on to explain a higher consciousness of awareness results, you become more focused, there is an increase in aptitude scores (higher intelligence).  Your brain immediately sends alpha healing waves through the nervous system and your whole body.  Your immune system is turned on a whopping 80% as well your heart and circulatory system is strengthened and relaxed.  Digestion, absorption and elimination are vastly improved.

By this time everyone was riveted to our conversation and that’s not all I said, waiting for a response, what else could there be someone asked?  All your muscles relax; it’s called a sympathetic release.  So now instead of all your muscles being tight and stiff they are relaxed filling with energy.  Whenever you move it is effortless so performance is enhanced dramatically.  You sleep and you will sleep very well waking feeling refreshed, and ready to go.  No more sleepless nights, filled with pain, no more waking up feeling like death warmed over, I said,

Everyone smiled, nodded their heads and approved wait I said; there is more! Energy is diverted to all your organs.  You breathe deeper; you get more oxygen to your body.  All your organs turn on, work together to nourish and purify your body as they are supposed to.  There is a massive healing response that must be kept active, it happens all inside you naturally; all from your adjustment.  This is called a parasympathetic response.

You will make better choices in your life; you will perform like never before.  Regular adjustments were found to hard wire the brain.  Cells of the brain called neurons that are part of the higher brain centers were easier to excite and would stay firing longer during stressful moments in your life.  The primitive fight or flight brain centers become harder to excite, some become dormant neurons.  Just like when you learn to drive a car, at first it’s hard but the more you do it the easier it gets.  Then you don’t have to think about it anymore you just relax and voilà, you are driving your car with precise movements.  That’s your brain creating a dominant neurological pathway that ignites when you get in your car.


So if you get regular adjustments your higher brain centers will stay activated, you will stay in a higher conscious, healing state.  You will stay healthy and well.  “I like that idea”, she said, “When I think back a few years ago there was all the hoop law about chiropractic neck adjustments causing strokes it makes me think”, she added.  I replied,” those neurologists were probably aware of all this amazing research going on and for some reason decided to undermine it.  I don’t think they had anyone’s best interest in mind, quite the contrary, wouldn’t you say?”  They began to realize how pure and powerful each and every chiropractic adjustment is, and for some reason they didn’t like it.  So they went to the papers to put the scare in people about chiropractic.

Adjustments are safe, research tells us so, and my 25 years of experience says so, too.

This lady received her adjustment and booked her next appointment.  The next patient was a young man about 20ish, he was so excited to hear the truth about chiropractic:  these were his exact words.  “I came for my back pain, but now I want all the things you just told us about to occur in me.  I don’t come very often but I want to change that.  I’ll be here more regular from now on.  I expressed to him that his back pain is a signal that something is not right and maybe your mind and body are unable to initiate      a healing response.  The pain protects you from more damage.  When the body is fully healed the pain will leave.  It is up to the wonderful one within you.

One last thing, while I was talking to him, his sister came to mind.  She came for regular adjustments for years she would come to receive her adjustments even when she was fine.  Her life changed dramatically.  “Yes,” her brother said, she is in the RCMP now and she is amazingly successful at all she does.  School was a breeze for her.  I think the adjustments helped her to get there. “I think so too”, I said.

He booked for next week, he got the big idea, he knows the truth, and now you do as well.

See you real soon.

Much Love,    Dr. Bob

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