Chiropractic An Ideal Perspective

Chiropractic; An Ideal Perspective

When the mind becomes distracted the fullness of life (energy) ceases to flow to the body.  As a result cells, organs, tissues become weakened as the mind is continually swept away thru judgment.  The body becomes susceptible to structural, mental/emotional and chemical stressors as the world acts upon an otherwise perfect vital organism.  Injury, symptoms, sickness, disease and a loss of expression of that fullness of life is evident.

Misaligned= out of position to receive the perfect potential that is seeking to manifest each one of us from the quantum field (the primary healing field).

Science tells us that when you look through the body beyond the cells and tissues, through the atoms and protons, electrons and neutrons, there is a field of pure energy filled with unlimited potential.  It appears that the miraculous body we are contained within is derived from this field of energy and it’s potential.  It is us, the intelligence within that maintains this collection of earthly substance we call the body.  Hence we are human-beings expressing potential originating from the quantum field or as I call it the primary healing field.

Did you ever see the movie called “The Legend of Baggervance” with Will Smith?  In this movie there is a golfer who has lost his way.  Will Smith is his caddy who helps him to remember the quantum field and the potential that seeks to come through each one of us as we maintain our connection with this field.  It goes something like this…“take your position at the tee, relax, breath in then breath out.  Do you feel it”?  “Feel what”?  “The field”.  “Just relax look at the ball and take a gaze down through the field and see the hole how large it really is”.  “Yes, I see it and I see the path within the field that lights the way”!  “When you are ready and fully immersed within the field the perfect swing will come to you”.   The golfer sees the hole and the path and how easy it is; he takes the swing effortlessly and the shot is beyond his wildest dreams.  He becomes the ball the swing and the hole all within the quantum field in which we all exist.

When we maintain our position within that field, that potential that is seeking to manifest itself through us can and will occur effortlessly allowing for us and the world around us to take perfect form.

The question is how can we continually maintain this position and allow for complete health, well-being and succeed, like it was intended for us.

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