Chiropractic A New Perspective


Stress is a good thing in our lives.  By definition it’s “the pressure needed for changes to occur.”

So if we feel stress and apply pressure in the right direction we will succeed.  Sometimes this is not always the case.  In today’s hectic world it seems as if we are under constant stress.  Studies have shown that chronic stress forces the brain into a lowered consciousness, termed, the primitive brain for fight or flight.  The brain sends an alarm to the body through the nervous system.  This signal is low vibrational, course and destructive over time.  Most of life giving energy is diverted from vital internal processes out to the muscles so that we may spring into action.  Blood sugars rise to give more energy to the muscles, digestion slows, heart rate and pressure increases, immunity are impaired, and we hold our breath.  Your muscles are in a constant state of tension, using all your energy reserves. Tension mounts, the body begins to stiffen, and acute pain occurs, low back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, constipation, to name a few. Some are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, possibly chronic fatigue.

Off you go to the Chiropractor seeking to get rid of your pain.  What you don’t know is chiropractic adjustments don’t treat the pain.  In fact all the latest scientific research tells us there is so much more offered through each and every adjustment.

Each neck adjustment ignites all the higher brain centers.  Your higher consciousness is activated, heightened awareness lending to better choices.  Your immune system is stronger (80%), your brain is in an alpha healing state, and higher vibrational energy flows out to your body.  All your internal organs are activated, your heart and circulation relaxes, digestion is improved, bowels move, liver and kidneys are activated, you can take deeper breaths.  Healing from within begins.  Then all your muscles relax.  Sometimes you perspire, this is a sympathetic release.  All your cells and tissues increase in vibration.  Harmony, balance and healing occur once again.  When you leave our center your lifestyle should          support the higher state of being.  As you move out into the world you succeed       you can give your spiritual circumstances.   Now that is the power of the chiropractic adjustment

Neurological science tells us that regular adjustments reinforce a higher state of consciousness; a continued alpha healing state where stress is less likely to have its negative impact.

So it’s your choice, let the chaos of the world act upon you, go into a low course destructive vibrational state where muscles tense up and then  pull at your spine and pinch your nerves, causing a loss of health, well- being and a loss of success or …...  Get regular adjustments, keeping your brain in a higher conscious alpha healing state where there is internal balance, harmony, relaxed muscles, filled with energy; a perfect expression of life evident in your day to day living.  We are here for you………

“To bring out the best in you with every adjustment. “

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