I was at karate class the other day when a young black belt asked me if I was going to attend the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) class.  When I said no he asked me why?

I told him that I practice martial arts to center me.  Performing specific exercises including the KATAS helps to bring into balance my body, mind, and spirit.  It is a feeling of bliss, of harmony, of peace and a great place to begin as I am able to let go of unwanted thoughts, beliefs etc. and build my CHI (energy levels).  Chi is what I call spiritual expression when one comes from within and the mind lets go (mushin) anything is possible.

MMA is competitive I told him.  Competition, trying to be better than another can cause a distortion in our harmonic balance.  I believe competition is our downfall.  Domination instead of dominion.  I practice to let go of my distractions, my distortions I said.  Karate in English is empty hands.  It is intriguing to me that chiropractic translates to the laying on of hands.

I receive adjustments on a regular basis 1 – 2 times per week usually.  I feel that the adjustments center me as well.  My mind is more alert, clear, my heart calms, my muscles relax and my breath is deeper.  I feel a bit like someone turned the lights up when I get up.  I sense that my internal organs are turned on to nourish, purify, and heal what needs to be healed.  I trust and support the wisdom within to do all this for me.  Chiropractors call it innate intelligence; I call it the healer within.  Wayne Dyer calls it the healing current that flows through all of us, that connects us, as one body.

I ride horses to center myself.  Before I ride I place my hands on the mane and let myself go.  I sense the heart beat and our hearts begin to beat as one.  This is a spiritual connection.  The horse begins to lick and chew.  This means he is calm and accepting.  We are one.  Together we experience the perfect ride.

I love to do those things that keep me centered, at peace.  I love that sense of deep connection.

I listen to motivational CD’s, I inspire myself through power packed words.  I talk with God all the time.  Anything I can do to be my best I do.  Now I am ready to offer to you a supreme, magical, healing connecting adjustment so you can influence the world in a great way too.

Dr. Folkard

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