Billy Bee And You

Billy Bee and you

Honey bees are responsible for 1/3 of your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bees have been dying around the world in massive numbers.  It’s all due to a toxic overload that weakens their immune system.  Pesticide contamination is the major culprit.  With a weakened immune system bees are susceptible to secondary infections from parasites, mites, viruses, fungi and bacteria.  Sickness, disease and death is eminent in our honey bees.

These same toxins are entering our bodies causing our immune systems to fail as well.  We fall prey to the same ill fate as the honey bees.

What are we to do?!!

You must begin to purify your body now

-Eat raw, steamed and/or fresh organic fruits and vegetables daily

-Wash them when you buy them with an all-natural veggie wash before you put them into the


-Do not boil or microwave your fruits or veggies.  Highly toxic substances are formed by     prolonged high heat cooking

-Drink pure water, not bottled.  A reverse osmosis filter can be purchased on sale for about $200-$300 at CTC, TSC or Home Depot

-No lunch meats, no subs (except veggie), no hotdogs or hamburgers

-Reduce your meat intake and buy organic grass fed, free range meats only

-Avoid plastics, ie Ziploc bags, groceries wrapped in plastic, saran wrap, plastic cups and bottles, and plastic storage containers

-Use all-natural household and personal cleaning products

-Have your internal organs assessed for toxin accumulation by my ‘Body Systems Analysis.’  It is a very accurate assessment of your internal health and well-being.

-Implement our four forces program that keeps you healthy and well through quality, cost effective, all natural programs that include a yearly spring cleanse

-Supplement your diet with high quality vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and phyto nutrients rich in antioxidants that destroy toxins.

-get regular chiropractic care to keep your channels of healing, purification and nourishment open

Take massive action now!!

Many lives have been saved through our wellness programs.  How about yours?  How about Billy Bee???

See of the sun-what are the bees telling us?

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