Beyond Arthritis


Many people come to me with pain in their knee with some swelling.  They don’t know what caused it.

I tell them it is like your car.  If you hit a bump in the road the alignment may go off.  Eventually your tires begin to wear abnormally then if left too long your ball joints begin to wear out.

If it were your knee we would call this arthritis.  Initially you hit uneven ground or you stress your body in some way; gardening, sports etc., even mental emotional stress goes to the body and tightens muscles abnormally (digestive problems cause arthritis as well).  You are left with misaligned hips and or a misaligned knee.

Your innate healing intelligence will produce more synovial fluid in the joint.  This is a natural split.  The fluid protects the stressed joint and keeps it stiff.  Pain and stiffness stop you from hurting your knee further.

If you go to the medical doctor he gives you pain pills and an anti-inflammatory.  Yet the misalignment of the hips and or knees remains.  Now you feel better and go back to doing what you do.  Like the car, misalignment of the knee if left will lead to arthritis.

I saw a study done on 180 people who underwent orthoscopic knee surgery.  No one reported any difference in their condition.  Pain and loss of function existed after a 24 month follow up.  The notion of being subjected to unnecessary surgery is horrifying enough.  Yet that is only part of the story.  According to one report, arthroscopic surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee is done on at least 225,000 Americans each year, termed a “sham” by Baruch Brody, an ethicist at Baylor College of Medicine.  The cost of this intervention is estimated at $3.25 billion per year.  They continue to this day, more than 10 years later.  Evidence-based practice??  Hmm….

Continued misalignment leads to progressive arthritis.  A chiropractic adjustment aligns the spine and hips.  Adjustments to the knee restore it back into its natural position.  Each adjustment ensures the healing process is at maximum efficiency.  Herbal therapies then support the internal healing process and in time will allow for a more complete recovery.  Alignment is crucial, hydration, lots of pure water and natural nutrients are a must.  Dietary considerations, stretching and strengthening (lifestyle) are very helpful.  I have witnessed the reversal of degenerative joint disease (arthritis) with the care we offer.

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