Being A Visionary

Being a Visionary

Vision is the key to living a fulfilled life.  We all have the opportunity to receive a vision, a higher calling, one that would free us from the chains of domestic living.  Most people ignore that vision, not act on it, not see it too completion, for the good of all man kind.  Why? We are taught not to stand out, to fit in and keep our place, or maybe we are so caught up in our circumstances that the vision is ignored or not even sensed.

Imagine Christopher Columbus. He gets a vision, the world is round.  There are new discoveries to be found, one’s that would change how humanity thinks.  He goes to the local pub and tells his friends.  “Aaww shut up Christopher you are crazy”. “Have another drink” He persists.  Some go with him, to get away, because they are drunk, or they sense his vision in their heart.  So off they go and come back with evidence.  Now the whole world is angry at him they want to string him up for going against the grain.  The Queen hears about this fantastic tale and calls him in before beheading “Is there gold riches.”  “Yes” he says. Okay, I will give you some ships if you bring back all of it too me. And Christopher dared to live his vision.  He trusted and acted on his higher calling. What if he hadn’t? hhmmnn.

What about Einstein, Mozart and Thomas Edison.  Imagine standing out in a thunderstorm with a kite and a key attached to the string waiting for lightening to strike so you can feel the power of electricity and then harness it.  He changed the world.  They all changed the world. So can you.

The latest research tells me this……. Most of us think, say and do the same thing our whole life.  We act on a dominate belief; a dominate thought in each and every moment.  Yes we sway a bit, there is some change, but mostly we have our favourite acts to perform.  In narrowing your life with your few likes and a lot of dislikes you limit your genetic expression.  One gene fires continuously. One thought, one genetic expression, one set of protein chains sent out as a message (m-rna) to build the cells of your body. This gene gets tired and the protein chain is weakened the message is sent through a toxic soup within your body, through nerves that are blocked and impaired. Your cells that live, say for, 30 days are now formed from a weakened protein chain.  Now those cells live for 15 days then 5 days then 1 hour.  That weak old frazzled gene cannot keep up. Cells die faster that gene can make more protein. Your hair gets grey, you wrinkle up you cannot remember much, you get sick, you suffer.  Life is leaving you because the cells of your body are weak, abnormal, distorted and even cancerous.  Your genetic expression, your make up, cannot keep up with those dying cells.  You pass away never living the dream, not fulfilling your ultimate vision your highest calling.

On another note I saw a commercial on Canadian Health. They have discovered that the last 10 years of your life is spent combating life threatening diseases!!  Seen this one?  They show a picture of an old man, one vibrant, living life to the fullest the other same guy all wrinkled up in the hospital with tubes in his nose.  It ends with “What will you Choose”?


The reason I am telling you all this is because I have a huge vision for you and the rest of us.  In the 1930’s this man named Uranda wrote an article called talking to the cells of your body.  In short it says when a part of your body is ailing consider the magnificence of the healer within; within all of us.  Remember this he says.  Your aliment is an opportunity to help others many others with the same aliment.  What??!!  Yes he says we are all connected.  And as you talk to the cells of your body and you trust the healer within and you do what it takes to overcome your aliment a message vibrationally

speaking is sent out to all others with a similar aliment. (Kind of like your cell phone) you support, and encourage the healing in another. WOW! Imagine saving the life of another.  This must be how Ghandi , Mother Teresa , Florence Nightingale to name a few  saved so many.  Uranda goes on to say “you are responsible for every blade of grass, all of us individually and collectively.  I would say an attitude with altitude is a great starting point when it comes to service, healing, a higher calling or living your vision. Now that would make you and the world a better place right now.  Now back to my vision.

Each and every pure and powerful adjustment increases the conscious awareness of thee one receiving. There is a massive healing response that must be supported by that one all the way through to completion.  As the cells and tissues of that one rise up vibrationally speaking beyond sickness suffering disease so does all those ailing ones that are on that vibrational plane.  We are all connected; Right?  Humanity rises vibrationally to a higher level.  When we remain at such at level one can receive their vision act on it and manifest it perfectly for the good of all man kind.  So to me an adjustment can change the lives of so many.

My vision is health and wellness for all of humanity even through one adjustment; offered to one who will fully receive it and let the healing current within influence many others as they make better choices, choices that support our highest expression of life.

One last note, have you heard of the mahaaraji affect.  If one tenth of a population changes what they think say and do, it will automatically influence the rest of the population.  We are empowered to make a difference, to allow the world to be a better place because we were here.  So begin with and embrace a true health paradigm.  Think big, have an attitude with altitude, assume full responsibility even for every blade of grass, receive your pure and powerful adjustment, adjust your lifestyle and live so others may live too.

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