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A woman came in for an adjustment in acute pain.  Her dogs jumped up on to her bed.  They had landed on her putting her back in extreme pain.  It had been some time since her last adjustment; you know how time just slips away. When I told her how long it had been she was amazed.  I proceeded to examine her spine looking for the area where the flow of healing current was interrupted.  A specific adjustment was made.  The healer within began the job of restoring   as only it knows how.  It never ceases to amaze me what can occur within one.  What a blessing that we come equipped with a healing capacity.  It needs no interference just support.

Three or four more visits and this woman was back to optimal health and wellness.  She had completely recovered from her acute injury and all other underlying conditions that if left could cause serious health problems.  She was amazed at how quickly her body responded to the adjustments.  I told her that the cells and tissues have a memory for what we could call “the ideal state”.  When one has done all the work necessary to remove the interferences to the expression of life by embracing a really great health paradigm which includes regular chiropractic care that fullness of the expression of life is most desirable to the body, mind and heart.  They remember and desire.  The return to the ideal state is quick, efficient, and more complete when one is supporting health and well-being through right action, right thoughts and right words.  Right choosing is very important.  This lady has done just so over the years.  The investment in her health has paid off.  She is her best and it shows in the success she enjoys in her everyday living.  Regular adjustments return her to her ideal state quickly.  So; no matter where you are in life, it is the right starting point.  Allow us to create a health paradigm that is right for you.  Embrace life invest in your health get adjusted and become your very best.

Dr. R. J. Folkard

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