Adrenal Fatigue


Stress is a common thing these days. It is a necessary pattern to help us to move forward. The definition of stress is “the pressure needed for change to occur.” Sooo… the next time you feel pressured, seek the appropriate agreement with others so willing and make the changes necessary for your life to move forward and upward.

Our adrenal glands, located on the top of each kidney, produce powerful hormones. These hormones keep us alert, give us energy, and make us feel invincible when stressful circumstances occur.

In these days though, stressful circumstances never end. There is no break between. No time to rest, to feel fulfilled, to allow for completion of the event.

Over time our adrenal glands become fatigued causing a variety of health related problems.

When stressed, we enter “fight or flight”. Cortisol increases blood sugar for increased energy and adrenaline gives us courage. These hormones come from our adrenal glands. Our muscles become poised, tense, and ready for action; this is a sympathetic response. Our immune system and digestion slow down to conserve energy for the action needed to move forward and succeed. However, ongoing stress leaves us in this alert pattern. Our muscles stay tense, we get achy. We don’t sleep so well and wake up fatigued, stiff, and out of focus. Digestion is off, we get indigestion, bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation, just to name a few. Our immunity is weak, we get more colds and flus, ongoing sinus problems, sore throat and more. Our blood pressure rises; our heart and circulation become compromised. With gut problems, food enter our bloodstream undigested and form immune complexes causing arthritis. With the long time increased blood sugar and the need to drink coffee and eat sweets for a perk, we get fat bellies. Visceral fat is inherent and can cause major internal health problems. Arteries harden and our heart pounds rapidly causing muscle damage throughout. Moods are altered, anxiety and depression can set in as our brainwave activity lowers into the course limbic area for fight or flight. Alterations in gut ecology drastically lower the amount of seratonin produced. Seratonin is a neurotransmitter for mood elevation.

All of this occurs as a result of ongoing stress and eventual adrenal fatigue. The hormones needed to handle stress become drastically diminished. A loss of health is imminent; without health you cannot succeed.

I have helped many in this helpless situation as you can see many symptoms and many diseases arise from stress overload and the resultant adrenal fatigue. Pure and powerful chiropractic adjustments is a perfect starting point. Each neck adjustment ignites the higher conscious centers so healing from within begins.

Noniinvasive accurate tests are done to determine the herbal and or homeopathic treatment protocols that would support the internal healing process. Lifestyle considerations are paramount for complete healing to occur. Each adjustment opens up healing pathways to the organs, releases all the muscles, and turns on the organ systems to work together for healing, purification, and nourishment. Heart and circulation relax as well.

Your magnificent intelligent body has the capacity to heal and repair itself, to regulate itself and adapt to its environment quickly and efficiently. It functions perfectly according to its highest design. It just needs no interference. We can find the cause of your loss of health and support the healing process safely, naturally, and efficiently; and then keep you well. Let’s check your adrenal glands to see if it’s the cause of your problem and keep you on the road to success.

See you soon.

Dr. Robert Folkard

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