Your body when stressed in some way will initiate a response.  Muscles may tighten, heart rate may increase, you may get diarrhea, or a cough or two.

Once the stressor has ended your magnificent intelligent body usually goes back to its normal functional state.  Your inner organs return to your daily purification, healing and nourishment processes.  All is well.

When stress is prolonged, however, your body must remain in its adaptive state.  Over time with repetitive insult, this adaptive state becomes dominant.  Your nervous system develops a neurological pathway that is easily turned on with any similar stressor, i.e. bad habits, negative thoughts, poor posture, etc.)

Now you’re in a state of imbalance.  You are fatigued and in pain, as muscles continue to fire inappropriately.  Cells and tissues weaken and begin to break down.  Pain doesn’t come and go anymore.

You have a choice; you always have the right to choose.

A) Take pills so you can’t feel pain anymore, and experience a lot of side effects while your initial problem continues to rob you of life.


B) Get a chiropractor checkup to find the cause of your problem and then get adjusted.  Clean up your lifestyle, take some herbs and/or homeopathic remedies to support internal healing in any way you can naturally.

Hope you all picked “B”.  Given time with regular adjustments your nervous system will flow fully with life giving healing energy.  Balance and perfect function will again be an everyday internal body process.  Normal neural pathways will dominate once again.

You will become resilient to day to day stressors.  Adaptation will come and go like it should.

Continue to make the right choices to keep healthy and be well.

Remember that all of us here at the Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center are here to help you get well and be your best.

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