A True Story

A special hello to everyone!

I was adjusting the other day while a family of 5 sat in the grey chairs in the waiting room.

The children were commenting on a picture that their mother was viewing on her cell phone.

“Show Dr. Bob”, they said, “show him”.  When it came their turn I looked at the picture.  It was a 25 year old young man in a hospital bed with his stomach cut open and a drainage tube exiting the wound.

It appears that this young man ate nothing but junk food, even hamburgers and pop in the mornings, so I am told.  When he began to develop stomach problems he wouldn’t listen to the doctor’s strong urge to change his diet.  He wouldn’t believe that his diet was slowly killing him.  Well, it came to the point that he developed Crohn’s Disease (a large bowel malfunction).  Surgery was the only option.  They were only going to take a small portion of large bowel, however, it was so perforated that they had to remove much, much more.

As a result he is left without a large bowel and has a colostomy bag at his side for the rest of his life.  His small intestine is in a breakdown phase as well and so he has a hard time digesting foods.  He has to drink mostly fluids and there is little weight to his body.

I am telling you this extreme story so that you may look at your own diet and realize how important it is to your health, well being, and your life.  Make the changes necessary now, get your regular adjustments so as to keep the systems of your body running perfectly.  Your life depends on it.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Robert J. Folkard, D.C.

The Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center

London, Ontario

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