A Moment In Time

A moment in time

This story goes out to all who lost a loving pet.  We have a horse farm; it’s beautiful out there, a little bit of heaven I would say.  Lots of land with rolling hills a river, couple of ponds and groomed trails.  The sunsets are spectacular.  We are very fortunate to be able to have found this land.

We had this wonderful dog, a blue healer and her name was Nanna.  My daughter named her after my mother, her grandmother because she seemed to have her personality.  She loved everyone and everything.  Never was she a burden nor did she get in the way.  Healers are herd dogs, and as so naturally they chase horses keeping them under control, heading them where they need to go.  One problem though is that Nanna would nip at their back heels.  We tried several different ways to stop her but to no avail; it is her instinct to do this.  There were a few times when she came very close to being kicked.  The horses are not mean; it is there instinct to kick out when they run.

One day we came home to find Nanna in her bed, acting strange, very quiet wanting to be on her own.  Then it started, she would pant, then wander in a staggering circle, then would fall down, drooling from her mouth.  Her body would shake violently.  After a time the convulsion would end and she would wake up very tired and disorientated.  We were all very concerned, to be sure.  I thing my daughter, Jaclyn took it the hardest as Nanna was her dog.

I am privileged to have been shown a form of energy testing that can determine energetic disturbances within the cause, and the appropriate treatment program.  The testing (body systems analysis) localized the problem.  Nanna had been kicked in the head by one of the horses.  I checked her spine and found inferences to the flow of life from the brain to the body, especially in her neck, at the base of her skull.  Her skull had shifted as well.  I adjusted her and she steeled a bit, there was a longer period of calm between convulsions and the severity had decreased.  We gave her specific homeopathic remedies to support the healing process.  Jaclyn slept with her through the night.  When I came to check on her she was holding Nanna in her arms, both were sleeping.  Then the convulsions got worse.  Nothing seemed to help.  I trusted in the healing process from within and kept adjusting her many times per day.  We had our local vet get involved; he suggested at this time that drugs would help to reduce the severity of the convulsions.  Nothing seemed to help.  In the end it was in Nanna’s best interest to put her to rest.  Sadly we all agreed and gathered around her to spend our last few moments with her sharing all our love with her.  We know she felt comfort by our loving presence.  She really connected with each of us in her own special way.

Nanna received her last adjustment to send her on her way.  All dogs go to heaven, right.  Nanna is gone now, her ashes spread across our little bit of heaven.  I still feel her presence there.  I was humbled in sensing that I must trust something higher and finer always.  That there is a healer within all of us yet all is beyond us sometimes.  I submit to my higher authority now and forever.

“Love and appreciate this moment share it with

As many as you can….”

“Choose to give and receive love always…”

“There is no other way….”

Dr. Robert J. Folkard, D.C.

The Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center

London, Ontario

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