20 Seconds Of Insane Courage


Courage is the inner ability to look at an obstacle that looms before you, find a way, and then see it is as an opportunity for success.

A lion is considered courageous. It roams the land with a swagger of confidence. His beautiful mane displays his authority. He has no fear.  Whatever he comes upon in his walk of life is perfect for him.  He has no fear; he never runs away, he doesn’t hide. He presses onward and upward always.  He is filled with courage.

What about you? Do you have what it takes to be courageous? To be successful?  It is said that fear is an illusion created by the mind.  A child is afraid of the monsters under the bed. Why?

I read once when a child becomes self-active, develops an ego and sees the outside world in the form of wants and needs, he feels a sense of separation from his core being.  He feels alone, and he no longer feels that deep sense of connection with that which made him.

He doesn’t understand this unwanted feeling.  At a tender young age he is on his own with an awful empty intangible feeling. So he has to make sense of this feeling.  He makes it tangible. It becomes real then - there really is a monster under the bed. Yet it is never seen. Courage is lost; fear sets in and limits his ability to fully succeed.  He will never know his true purpose for being here.  Opportunities will become obstacles.

When one understands that fear is an illusion created in the mind, we can then begin to let go.  Courage is always there, within us. It is never too late to let go, find your courage and remain centered, stay positive and nurture an attitude with some altitude.

Begin with observing your fears. How do they make you feel?  Where do they land in your body?  Get to know the feeling and then realize it is wasted energy locked away in fear, maybe in the pit of your stomach.

Neutralize that power source and then let it go to your heart to be turned into the power of love. Open your heart, take a deep breath, and let your love radiate out into the world. Now that’s powerful! All that love filled healing, released from within, and all it took was 20 seconds!!

Now you are a lion, filled with courage ready to succeed, to live your true purpose for being here and now. Support your courage in all you think, say, and do.  Remember when you first wanted to dance with the one you love. Your heart pounded, you were not sure, you were afraid, but then that insane courage came forth from within you. You just had to ask her to dance. You let go of your fears of rejection etc., and you went with that roar within you, and yes was the answer. Now the two of you share your love out into the world as you swagger on your path of life.

One last thought for you:–

Each and every Chiropractic adjustment has been shown to raise your conscious awareness. Your mind no longer dwells in the lower, course, painful fear driven area called the fight or flight Limbic system.

Each adjustment allows your brain to enter into an Alpha Healing State sending beautiful, vitalistic, mental impulses to every cell in your body, purifying them of any, and all fear.

The word adjustment means “to bring to the center” . Philosophically speaking, your adjustment reunites your inner and outer self. You are now filled with power, 100% expression of life, reset, brought back to center, and deeply connected.

Fear no longer controls you. Life is filling you from above, down, inside, and out. You are influencing the world in a life enhancing way.

Now you must monitor your new found true state in all you think, say, and do. Be insanely courageous.


See You Soon!

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