Providing An Exceptional Level Of Natural Healthcare That Will Allow You To Achieve And Maintain An Ideal State Of Health And Well Being


At the Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre we know what it takes to embrace the days of our lives with 100% vitality and enthusiasm. It takes exceptional health of the mind, body, and heart.

Many of us suffer needlessly from a lack of energy, digestive problems, arthritis, colitis, neck and back pain and diabetes to name a few.

Over time, if these conditions are not correctly addressed at the causative level other conditions may begin to surface. These can inflict varying levels of discomfort and in some cases, extreme limitations upon our lives.

In times like these, when the economy appears to be having its challenges, all of us would agree that it’s important to invest wisely. Our greatest asset is our health. A wise person understands that prioritizing their health should be their core commitment. After all without our health it really doesn’t matter much what else we do, does it….?

Dr. Robert J. Folkard, DC, Clinical Director

Let me ask you a question ... Where can you go these days to receive professional care beyond the usual 5 minute analysis and prescription writing approach that will:

  • Find the cause of your condition and d etect other pending conditions
  • Provide the specialized care you need in order for you to return to an exceptional level of health
  • Provide you with an ongoing, proactive, level of care that would ensure you retain the highest level of life that was meant for you

You need a leader in the natural health care field that utilizes a team of highly skilled professionals that would work together to provide you with:

  • A comprehensive health assessment with a report of findings
  • A specific plan that is designed for you which utilizes state of the art techniques and the highest quality holistic remedies available

The answer for hundreds of patients is  ........... " The Chiropractic Health and W ellness Centre "

Our services are exactly what You need. We have over 30 years of experience dealing with a variety of health conditions, ones just like You are experiencing.

Our Wellness Team is dedicated to "Bringing Out the Best in You"

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