Your Wonderful Immune System

When it comes to health and well-being, we are fortunate to be given the gift of immunity. Our immune system keeps unwanted, life threatening organisms from taking over within us.

Having a sneeze, a sniffle, a cough, a fever, vomiting, and diarrhea are good things even though you may feel off, this is the intelligence within you; your immune system mounts a healthy response to attempt to get rid of the bad guy, and bring about a state of harmony and balance once again.

The problem lies when our immune system is weakened and then the response is overwhelming or not at all.

I was in the barn the other day helping a friend install new windows. There was dust and insulation fiber flying around, in the air, everywhere.

My immune system reacted immediately. I began coughing, my nose and eyes ran and phlegm developed in my throat. I noticed that my friend then had no response at all. Why not you may ask? My answer is, he has a weak immune system; unable to respond and help keep him well. He doesn’t look after himself much. He smokes and has poor food choices. He usually drinks pop and / or coffee. Not much water; hence the lack of response.

I read an article once that revealed taking 1 teaspoon of sugar will weaken your immune system by 60% for 6 hours. A can of pop has 12-15 tablespoons of sugar!! Lifestyle directly impacts our immune system. I see it every day in my practice.

Most processed foods are filled with sugar and / or fructose that would rob you of your protection that your immune system provides. This understanding explains why some people get colds, flus, etc. more than others. Research tells us that cancer thrives when our immune system is weakened or destroyed.

How about those ones diagnosed with auto immune disease. You get the picture?

Even an impaired digestive tract weakens your immune system. Your gut lining gets leaky from bad diet, stress, lack of hydration, etc. and then particles of food go to the blood stream where your immune system must attempt to dispose of it.

This forms immune complexes leaving your immune system weakened and then these complexes (grit like) cause your joints to get stiff and achy.

What can we do to improve our immune system? Lifestyle is a very important consideration. What you think, say, and do, has a huge impact on immunity.

Avoid sugar, processed foods, and all fast foods. Avoid wheat and dairy as well.

Exercise increases energy reserves and reduce stress to strengthen immunity.

Get regular chiropractic care. Yes, adjustments can increase immune strength and response by up to 80%.

One study showed HIV positive people had a dramatic increase in T-cell activity (immune cells) when adjusted compared to the control group. Wow!

Back in the day when the flu epidemic hit North America it was found that the survival rate among people receiving regular intensive chiropractic care was much greater than in the general population, and these under medical care. That is the power of your immune system and the healer within.

If you are stressed or have symptoms related to digestive disturbance let me assess you and put you on a high vibrational herbal/ homeopathic treatment program that would heal and seal your gut and enhance your immune system. Enhance your life overall to be your best, take right action, get help.

See you soon for an immune boosting, lifesaving spectacular adjustment!

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