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Observation: Just the Facts


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                                                   Observation – Just the Facts

We just got back from our trip to Europe. It was eventful indeed. The best part of the trip was reuniting with our daughter Jacklyn. She is in Ireland finishing her schooling on an exchange program.

While I was away I decided to do an experiment.  I changed my diet for the worst to observe any ill effects, if any, to my wellbeing.

I ate more grains, rice, bread, desserts, ice-cream, etc.  And I ate potato chips, something I haven’t done in years, plus I drank less water.  There were no adjustments!

Basically there was an increase in sugar and wheat, and a decrease in fruits and veggies.  By the end of the trip I can tell you there were drastic changes in the overall health of my body, mind, and heart.  Some worse than others.

I became moody, often withdrawn, and my energy swayed up and down.  I had dizzy spells, cravings, and light headedness.  My heart pounded rapidly, my breathing was heavy, and yet shallow.  My urine was dark and smelled awful, and even my bowel movements slowed and were forced.  I slept in often and my stomach bloated plus I experienced heart burn.  When I laid down there was gastric reflux, hot liquid forced its way up into my throat.  My legs cramped and my joints felt achy.  All this and more in just two short weeks!!!  

What would occur in a lifetime I wonder?  Truth is you get used to how you are.  Your body can adapt -but only for so long until something lets go.

Why did I put myself through this you might ask?

Did some of the symptoms I experienced have your name on them? I have these complaints every day at the adjusting tables. I did this to prove that my years of being a Natural Healthcare Specialist were based upon absolute truisms.

Through observing the ill effect of what is a typical diet in North America, I am convinced that lifestyle plays a major role in our health and well-being and life as a whole.

New research sadly points out that 67% of a typical diet consists of wheat, corn, soy, and sugar. In reality it needs to be 0-4% maximum if one is to be truly healthy and live fully.  Also, 90% of all people are dehydrated as well. 

One of my patients told me she didn’t believe what I told her as true about the detrimental effects of her diet and lifestyle. Now she knows different, and so do you and I.

Come and see me and together we will make some healthy changes to save your life and your loved ones.

Dr. R.J. Folkard


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